TeleStroke Observership

TeleStroke Observership

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**Telestroke and Teleneurology Online Observership Description:**

This virtual observership opportunity offers a unique learning experience in the field of Telestroke and Teleneurology, with a specific focus on telehealth and tele-education. Successful completion of a specific project and going through educational videos are required. During this observership, you will have the chance to observe and participate in Telestroke and Teleneurology consultations while gaining expertise in CT, MRI, and perfusion imaging, analyzing example cases, and contributing to stroke tele-education.

During combined Neurodevelopmental and Neuorology Residency at The Johns Hopkins and Kennedy Krieger Institute

**Supervisor Profile:**

- Dr. Baluja is a seasoned Telestroke specialist with extensive experience in the field.

- He possess a strong background in stroke research and has a successful online presence in teaching patients about stroke.

- Dr. Baluja is dedicated to patient care, medical education, and telehealth, and is passionate about sharing their knowledge with medical students and residents.


- Active participation in telehealth consultations will be a key part of your experience, along with learning about the crucial role of perfusion imaging in stroke assessment.

- You'll analyze example cases, discussing the intricacies of diagnosis and treatment decisions made remotely.

- Contributing to stroke tele-education will be an integral component of your learning experience.

- We specifically see patients on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, students will be required to go through the material before seeing the patients online.

- During the weekdays we focus on education and your focus on your exams, USMLE Steps is required and integrates with a teleeducation project of your choice

**Focus on Telehealth and Teleducation:**

- Telehealth and teleeducation will be at the forefront of this rotation, reflecting the evolving landscape of modern medicine.

- You'll gain insights into the use of telemedicine platforms and their impact on stroke care and medical education.

- The opportunity to contribute to stroke tele-education initiatives will be a significant part of your role.

**Letter of Recommendation:**

- Upon successful completion of the observership, you will receive a letter of recommendation from your supervisor, highlighting your dedication to telehealth and your contributions to stroke and neurology tele-education. The letter will be issued on the KneeTie Foundation Letterhead, based in Houston, Texas, USA.


- The duration of this online observership is one month, allowing you to deepen your knowledge and skills in Telestroke and telehealth. Ten slots are available each month.


- Proficiency in English and clinical skills are essential.

- You may be required to provide your CV and undergo an evaluation by the supervisor.

- Ensure you have up-to-date immunizations.

- Please note that obtaining a visa is not required for this online observership.


  • Individualized start dates are available but must run a continuous four days


- You will be contacted by our staff once payment is processed.

- Four-week rotations are currently ongoing.

- The rotation cost is $1,610.80 per student. The funding is used to help the Underserved in the US and other countries worldwide gain access to much needed healthcare and to fund their treatments and sometimes to fund treating physicians and nurses to look after the underserved population. Dr. Baluja has been serving underserved populations since his work as an Undergraduate see below.

- The opportunity affords immediate immersion into the US health and international care system, given the international nature of the community we serve that has been in process since the 1970s.

If you're interested in gaining valuable insights into Telestroke, CT, MRI, Teleneurology, perfusion imaging, and contributing to the future of telehealth and teleeducation, please contact us to discuss your participation in this observership opportunity.


Course Curriculum

  Radiology Fundamentals
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Your Instructor

Viveck Baluja, MD
Viveck Baluja, MD
Dr. Baluja is a VA Board Certified Vascular Stroke Neurologist in the USA, and has his own private practice also. He has been teaching children since 1997 - combining technology and education to enhance their lives. He attended Johns Hopkins University and Kennedy Krieger Institute for General Neurology and Henry Ford Hospital for Advanced Stroke Training. His computer science training came from Johns Hopkins University where he holds a B.S. in Computer Science.

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